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15-year-old girl dies electrocuted by phone charger

Serge wants to know why his daughter died in his bath, electrocuted with his cell phone. He wants to alert parents and children to the danger of these devices. Most of the magazines are substandard and can kill.

I came home, I got my daughter, the phone was still charged, in the bottom of the tub. The socket was still connected to the mains, the circuit breaker did not trip“explains the father. He and his wife had warned their daughter about the dangers of these devices.

In December 2019 in Vitrolles (Bouches-du-Rhône), the young Camélia, 9 years old, died under the same conditions. Serge would like France to be inspired by its European neighbors, like the Netherlands. The country has banned unauthorized chargers because half of the domestic accidents were related to defective devices.

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