Sunday , September 20 2020
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5G: the war of the waves

Donald Trump would like all Westerners to ban Huawei, but Europeans are resisting. 5G could also be called “America's diplomatic war”. Tuesday, January 28, Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State of the United States, boarded an airplane bound for Great Britain for an explanatory session. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has just opened his telecom network to the Chinese, and declares before Parliament: “It is absolutely vital that our citizens have access to the best technology possible and that absolutely does not jeopardize our relations with the United States.”

Britain does not listen to American warnings about the risks of Chinese espionage. For the United States, information sharing between allies is in jeopardy. America is pushing, but it is losing. Australia, Japan and New Zealand have banned the Chinese company Huawei well. But Brazil, South Africa, India and Indonesia are opening their doors just like the European Union.

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