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“8:30 p.m. on Saturday”. Le Minitel – France 2 – January 25, 2020

The magazine 8:30 p.m. Saturday“(Twitter), presented live by Laurent Delahousse just after the 8 pm newspaper on France 2, recounts an unprecedented moment in the life of a personality, behind the scenes of an event or place belonging to collective history. Reports which reveal “the little story in the big one”, leaf through like a family album. This new issue of the second season of “8:30 pm on Saturday” returns to a mythical object: Minitel.

The day when> The Minitel gives birth to the first social network
In the late 1970s, well before the arrival of the Internet in homes, very few individuals were equipped with computers. French engineers will develop the Minitel. This object with a screen, which works through the telephone network, is distributed free of charge! Initially, it was a simple telephone directory. One day, a teenager hacked the internal messaging service and brought his friends. Without knowing it, he just created the first social network. “8:30 pm on Saturday” tells of this revolution in progress.

And also, Rilès and the Deschiens

And today> Social networks on the scene
If the Minitel was stopped in 2012, 4.4 billion people, or 57% of the world population, are today connected to the Internet. And they are 3.5 billion on social networks. What change the rules, for artists for example, who can quickly become famous by posting videos. This is the case of Rilès, a young rapper, songwriter under 25, born in Rouen, who has millions of fans around the world. He appears in the world rankings of the 20 most promising artists. And it all started in his bedroom…

The bonus> 3615 Deschiens
The Minitel and its famous 3615 inspired Jérôme Deschamps and Macha Makeïeff. In 1993, they created the world of Deschiens and “3615 Kinenveu” and other classified ads. “8:30 pm on Saturday” met Jérôme Deschamps.


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