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A client criticizes her bank on Twitter, Société Générale closes its accounts

A bookseller, Julie Goislard expressed on the social network her dissatisfaction with recurring dysfunctions of her payment terminal and the lack of response from customer service.

A client who had criticized her bank on social networks will see all of her accounts and those of her family closed. On December 28, Julie Goislard, a bookseller in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), shared her mishap on social networks: after complaining about her payment terminal malfunctions on her bookstore's Twitter account, his professional and personal accounts, his joint account, that of his spouse and his nine-year-old daughter will be closed by his bank, the Société Générale.

The bookseller, whose story was relayed by The Parisian, declares that she has paid all of her credits and that she has not discovered anything with the banking group, of which she has been a client since 2011. Very active on social networks, she had already posted in September and last October on her professional Twitter account her dissatisfaction with recurring malfunctions in its payment terminal and the lack of response from the corresponding customer service.

Claiming to be overwhelmed, she also complains on Societe Generale's Twitter customer service. “Stung on the fly, the director finally called me, threatening to close my accounts, if I continued to tweet”, she narrates on the Facebook page of her bookstore.

At the beginning of December she receives a first letter informing her of the next closure of her professional account due to an unauthorized overdraft overrun. “An excuse”, says Julie Goislard, who denies having had this discovery. In the process, “we had an interview with the agency director who told us that we had to find a reason” at this account closure, she continues.

Asked by AFP, Société Générale explains that it cannot comment on the specific situation of a client. But “we never close an account for messages sent on Twitter”, says a spokesperson. “On the contrary, we encourage our customers to exchange views via our after-sales service on social networks, available for more than ten years and through which more than 60,000 messages per year are processed”, She develops.

Legally, a bank can close an individual's account by giving it at least two months' notice and without giving reasons, unless the account has been opened after the activation of the account entitlement procedure. “I should have changed banks but faced with the complex aspect of such an approach – when we have many suppliers – I stayed”, concedes the bookseller who also deplores the reaction of the director of the banking agency.

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