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a massive VAT fraud

The giants of e-commerce would harbor tax evaders. According to Bercy, 98% of foreign sellers controlled on these websites are now in violation. But how do they manage to escape this tax? When you order an article on the internet in France, you sometimes buy it from a foreign salesman. The latter is responsible for sending the object to France, without declaring or paying VAT.

The damage for the French State is not evaluated. “We are still missing about 15 billion euros, which is what the Court of Auditors says”explains Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts. Today, the state has no way of checking whether the seller has paid the 20% due, as French companies must do. At Amazon, for example, we disclaim any responsibility. “Sellers are independent companies responsible for meeting their own VAT obligations, and we support them in their efforts”, says the leadership of the American giant. Some think that he would willingly close his eyes to their practices in order to remain competitive.

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