Friday , September 25 2020
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a meatless steak made by a 3D printer

Louis de Funès alias Jacques Tricatel had imagined it in Wing or thigh, a Spanish start-up did it. The first printed edible steak was born. “It is made with a 3D printer which allows us to obtain the appearance and texture of a real steak”, explains Giuseppe Scionti, founder Novameat. Result, the consumer obtains a balanced dish without any ingredient of animal origin.

“We are using a new vegetable formulation composed of approximately 20% peas, rice proteins, as well as rapeseed fat and seaweed fibers”, continues the founder of the start-up. 3D steak is not a gadget, it is a sustainable alternative to animal meat. Worldwide, livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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