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a photomontage goes around the internet, for a good cause

To raise public awareness and show their solidarity with Australia, which has been suffering from waves of fires for months, many Internet users share calls for donations or photos of the disasters. Among these images, one photo has had viral success. It shows a little girl holding a koala in her arms with an apocalyptic fire in the background. The image was shared by many Internet users and by personalities such as DJ Steve Aoki, followed by more than 8.5 million people on Instagram, who published it, noting that: ” My heart breaks for Australia “.

On social networks, some people point out that the photograph appears to have been touched up. Which could serve the cause, since a false photo would therefore be used to raise public awareness of a real problem. By performing a reverse image search, we can see that the photo was originally posted on December 22, 2019, by Australian photographer Thuie, followed by more than 15,000 people on Instagram. Noting the success of the image, she updated her description to say: ” This post has now gone viral, please be sure to mention that this is a Photoshop montage (that's why my account is known). Indeed, the account is full of reworked images of her daughters in often fantastic situations.

Despite criticism, the instagramer believes that his image has acted in a manner ” positive », Because it was taken up by influencers, thereby raising awareness among their subscribers and encouraging them to donate.

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