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a space of homage to the deceased on the internet “warms the hearts” of families, deprived of funerals by confinement

The digital service InMemori has seen an increase in demand with the Covid-19. The site, free and confidential, acts as a palliative for families or friends who could not watch their dead.

Confinement obliges, the more than 20,000 dead of the Covid often left on the sly, which adds to the pain of the families. This is the case for Véronique, who lost her mother on March 20. “The fact of not being able to watch over the dead, of not being able to perform a ceremony … It is as if it were a non-event and it is really extremely difficult to live with”, she testifies.

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To help the family get through, Véronique called on InMemori, a company created four years ago and which offers tribute spaces on the internet. Families and friends can deposit texts, photos or tributes to the deceased. The number of requests has increased fivefold since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. In total, 400,000 families have used it.

Obviously, this does not replace hugs, hugging hard. But it allows a communion despite everything. Véronique Piazza, founder of InMemoriat franceinfo

“And families today testify that despite the containment measures, despite the distance, they have the feeling of being surrounded and supported”, explains Véronique Piazza, founder of the site.

And for Véronique, it is a real relief to find all these testimonies: “The advantage of the site is that each other gives each other the word, it makes the Arab telephone a little bit. I have photos that I did not know from my mom, contacts with old friends from the family that we hadn't seen for a very, very long time. And it's true that it warms the heart “, she says. InMemori is free and confidential. No access is possible through search engines.

The success of a digital space for mourning in periods of confinement, a report by Alain Gastal.

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