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Adults love toys too

A remote-controlled car, a childhood dream, except that sometimes, it is adults who buy them for their pleasure. Cars, drones, or even motor boats, no limit for amateurs. High-priced toys for growing audiences. “Before, it was more a target of 12 to 20 years, today, we have many forty and more who are passionate about models and who buy good models”says Sacha Crespy from the PCM Shop.

In 2017, one toy out of ten was purchased by an adult, for an adult, or 367 million euros of turnover. A market in constant progression whose collectors are the privileged target of the manufacturers. Lionel Fastre spends 2,000 euros on Lego every year. An enthusiast faithful to the mark of his childhood for more than forty years. “The joy of building, of escaping a little in an imaginary world”, he says at the microphone of France 2. This adult clientele is a new target for children's toy stores. In some stores, a department is even dedicated to them.

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