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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is now worth over $ 1 trillion on Wall Street

The group joins a very closed group of companies, all from American “tech”: Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Born in a garage in 1998, Google has become a behemoth. The parent company of the search engine, Alphabet, became, Thursday, January 16, at the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the fourth American company to exceed 1 000 billion in value on Wall Street.

The Californian technology giant joins a small club which includes Apple, the first to have crossed this symbolic threshold in August 2018, Microsoft (in April 2019), and Amazon (in September 2018). The e-commerce giant has since fallen back below 1,000 billion dollars.

The next company that could reach this milestone is another GAFA representative (for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon): it is the number one social network, Facebook, the fifth company in terms of market capitalization on the New Square. York, with more than 630 billion dollars.

At the beginning of December, the engineer of Indian origin Sundar Pichai, already boss of Google, was propelled to the head of the Alphabel group. In his new role, he will have to face increased pressure from governments and regulators who accuse Google of bad practices in terms of personal data management, respect for competition or financial schemes to evade taxes.

Internally, the group is regularly criticized for having largely deviated from the ideals engraved in the early code of conduct, which included the formula “don't be evil”, that is to say “don't be malicious”.

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