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Amazon announces that it paid 250 million euros in taxes in France in 2018

The American online retail giant ensures “contributing to the growth of the French economy” with 9,300 employees and more than 20 logistics sites in France.

Amazon's revenue in France in 2018 reached around 4.5 billion euros, according to a press release to which Franceinfo had access, Wednesday, December 18. Amazon also indicates that it paid 250 million euros in compulsory levies in France in 2018, of which 150 million correspond to direct levies (company taxes, employer contributions, local taxes, etc.).

The company presents these figures for the first time when certain countries including France criticize it, as with other American giants like Apple, Facebook or Google, for not paying enough taxes.

France adopted last July the introduction of the “Gafa” tax, which creates taxation of large companies in the technological sector, not on profit, often transferred via learned arrangements in countries with very low taxation, but on turnover.

“I knew there were questions about our economic impact and the amount of taxes that Amazon pays in France”, explained on franceinfo Frédéric Duval, managing director of Amazon France. “I would like to shed more concrete light on our contribution to jobs, growth and the funding of public services and the French social model.”

Amazon says it employs 9,300 people at the end of 2019, and has more than 20 logistics sites in France. “France is essential to Amazon”, the company said in a statement, adding, “We have invested more than 6.8 billion euros in our French activities since 2010.”

About the GAFA tax, Frédéric Duval thinks “that it would be good to agree within the framework of an international settlement. The good framework in my opinion is the OECD [Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques]”.

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