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an isolation campaign that mobilizes neighbors

Nextdoor is a free social network, created in California in 2011, it aims “to facilitate exchanges between neighbors, to promote social ties, and to go beyond good morning”, explains Karim Bassiri, French spokesperson for Nextdoor. A network that appeared in France in early February 2018.

Place an ad for babysitting, ask for help to visit an elderly parent, receive recommendations on doctors or craftsmen in the neighborhood, declare the disappearance of your cat, organize yoga lessons, plan aperitifs or spend Christmas together. Here are some ideas that Nextdoor can set up.

A neighborhood or borough can be divided into 4, 5 or 6 neighborhood communities on the site. The user can view and publish only on the page of his district, not on those of others. The network can, however, extend the reach of certain messages to communities in the surrounding neighborhoods.

On Nextdoor, each neighbor registers under his real name and his real address. To validate his registration, the user receives a card in his mailbox containing a code to enter on the site.

Including 1,200 in the Paris region and 400 in the Lyon conurbation. And Nextdoor is gradually expanding into more rural areas. “My door is open” is the initiative of the neighbors against social isolation.

This unprecedented solidarity action aims to engage the French in the fight against loneliness at the district level, by offering them tools to detect and respond to the needs of their neighbors, isolated or not.

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