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anger fueled by the removal of public services

From year to year, the town of Clamecy (Nièvre), 4,000 inhabitants, sees its landscape change. The train station counter is open once a week. He is even bound to disappear. It is good to live, but in bad conditions. The inhabitants are the first affected by successive increases in taxes. The public hospital is one of the foundations that tries to resist. Maternity and surgery services have already disappeared.

Ten kilometers from Clamecy, the town of Varzy is fighting to avoid the closure of the center of public finances. Even if in 2018, everything is done via internet, this village of 1500 inhabitants is struggling to pass the digital age. Clamecy and Varzy, symbols of a France fractured geographically and numerically, a society of cities facing a society of the fields, a territory marked by a sense of abandonment where access to public services becomes more and more complicated.

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