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ANIS13K streamer diverted money from donation calls on Twitch

ANIS13k made one last explanatory video before their Twitch account was closed. Twitch

Every year, this 32-year-old Marseillais mobilized his 80,000 fans around a good cause: the fight against multiple sclerosis. He played live video games on the Twitch platform, his community donated money, and the donations were to be donated to AFSEP, the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

In four editions, more than 10,000 euros had been collected, officially for the benefit of this cause which is dear to Julien's heart, aka ANIS13k: his own father, he explained, is suffering from this disease.

On paper, this charitable operation resembles many others, such as the triumphal Z Event, bringing together the best of French gamers and which had enabled in September to collect 3.5 million euros for the benefit of the Institute Pastor.

Read also Z Event, the “Video Game Telethon”, raised 3.5 million euros for the Institut Pasteur

With one (huge) difference: this money, the streamer ANIS13K never returned it to AFSEP. Without of course notifying the generous donors.

Denunciation on Twitter

It’s Corentin, aka xImPacTz, who explains to World how the hare was lifted. With “Sashaa, Hartax, Monkey, Maciappula, Lucylle” and others “Former members of his community”, he has doubts after his last charity marathon, which was held from October 17 to 27 and had raised almost 1,400 euros.

Shortly after, the one who usually complains about his money problems now seems to be equipped with equipment ” overpriced “. To defend itself, ANIS13K already produces screenshots proving its good faith. Without convincing the collective. Who, on December 30, calls AFSEP directly and posts the conversation on Twitter.

The video is final: an AFSEP representative confirms that he never received such donations from the streamer. “I confronted him shortly after his first explanatory stream the same evening of the thread's release in vocal, and he was in total denial”explains Corentin.

“I was envious”

Three days later, ANIS13K nevertheless recognizes the facts. In a last video broadcast live, he explains that he never paid money to AFSEP.

“The first year, when I organized the charity marathon, I did it without any ulterior motives. I really wanted to donate the money to the association, but besides that I had money galleys, tax and credit problems. When that amount of money came back, it crossed my mind and I didn't make the right choice (…). The year after, I did the same. I saw other streamers progressing on Twitch. They had crazy stuff and everything and … I wasn't jealous but I was envious. “

Since then, the ANIS13K channel has been closed by the moderation of Twitch, just as, the collective believes, “His secondary account YouDiedOne”. Unreachable, Julien disappeared from social networks, closing his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and having passed his Steam page in “private”.

Only his YouTube page remains available for the moment: daily, reruns of his Twitch streams dated November and December are posted there. Comments are disabled.

Monday, Jocelyne Nouvet-Gire, president of AFSEP, confirmed at Parisian have received no donation of the streamer:

“I weigh the pros and cons when it comes to prosecution, because poor communication could ruin everything.”

She also explains, without believing too much, that the streamer has “Swore he was going to pay back down to the last penny”. According to the collective, sixteen complaints have already been filed for embezzlement and breach of trust. Two more are expected to be released soon.

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