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Apple and Broadcom ordered to pay $ 1.1 billion for patent infringement

The Apple and Broadcom companies were ordered Wednesday January 29 in Los Angeles to pay $ 1.1 billion (about one billion euros) in compensation to the California Institute of Technology for infringing several patents filed by the university on the transmission by wifi.

The jury ordered Apple to pay $ 837 million (approximately € 760 million) to the plaintiffs and the semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom $ 270 million (approximately € 240 million).

The California Institute of Technology, the famous Caltech of Pasadena, near Los Angeles, had launched lawsuits in 2016, claiming that Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad tablets or Mac computers, contained electronic components manufactured by Broadcom that 'he accused of having infringed his patents.

Appeal from the proposed judgment

“We are pleased that the jury found that Apple and Broadcom have infringed Caltech's patents”, reacted the university in a press release sent to Agence France-Presse (AFP), stressing that it was a “Non-profit organization dedicated to higher education” and aimed at “Defend its intellectual property rights to carry out its mission”.

Apple and Broadcom have both said they are considering appealing the ruling. According to documents submitted to the Los Angeles court, the two manufacturers have denied Caltech's claims for compensation, claiming that they were “Solely based on the presence of Broadcom microprocessors allegedly violating (patents) in iPhones, Macs and other Apple devices “.

“Broadcom manufactures the affected chips, while Apple is only a third party that indirectly uses these chips”continues the document. Broadcom was at the heart of the lawsuit, but Apple, one of its major customers, was also involved. The compensation awarded by the jury was calculated based on each disputed device sold by Apple on the American market.

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