Tuesday , September 22 2020


An interactive audio-visual art installation led by the IA with music from Subsquare, a permanent piece from the Midway Gallery in San Francisco, United States.


An interactive simulation based on the physics theme, entirely based on physics, is an organic procedure generation experiment using artificial intelligence. Finding ways to create can finally surprise the creator.
Video documentation of super talented Alexa Melo.

Aquarium is a project in constant evolution. With the help of Machine Learning, based on Unity, the application adapts to people who interact with it, trying to react and respond to everyone.

The main concept is an inverted metaphor for the aquarium. To show you the point of view of a pet fish, how do you feel when a huge alien creature tries to communicate and play with you.

More than two hours of original music were composed, then cut into small pieces that could be seamlessly mixed in real time, depending on the actions of the audience. As part of the musical concert of the future, everyone can collaborate and create their own audiovisual show or watch others perform.

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