Friday , September 18 2020
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Artificial intelligence befits women

Flames. I was asked the question recently: “How to encourage women to go into the fields of artificial intelligence [IA] ? “ I didn't have the answer! I do not think that vocations are triggered this way. In general, a job is a lifestyle choice, a commitment to a sector. It is above all a conviction, and this is valid for both men and women. So the most appropriate question would be: how can the AI ​​profession convince women to get involved? And how attractive are these jobs for women? In this case, the question arises for everyone: what is the attractiveness of the AI ​​professions, and more broadly digital?

There is a need to restore the merit and social impact of technological professions. The training of trainers in the disciplines that lead to AI (mathematics and computer science) is a crucial subject, like the valuation of their salaries, because everything is linked in a systemic way. Creating desire and arousing vocations starts very early. It is necessary not to be content to deliver a school program without having a sufficient perspective on the why of its content, the usefulness of mathematical theorems or an algorithm devoid of practical sense. The history of science is full of brilliant examples. This integrative temporal dimension allows young generations to give meaning to sometimes abstract lessons. The subject is not so much a question of skills related to gender, because there are many brilliant women in mathematics, they are much rarer in the IT fields. Gender education from an early age has a strong impact. Anticipating the teaching of computers from childhood will help reduce this gap and this educational bias.

A more human AI

I’ve met a lot of women who are eager to follow the impact that AI technologies will have and are engaged in society. How can these technologies be inclusive and non-discriminatory? Personally – and this is undoubtedly subjective – these concerns seem to me to be mostly very feminine. The increased involvement of women will allow the development of more human AI. AI that will be developed by women and men will be more representative of the particularities of the gender. The diversity of stakeholders in the development of AI will allow a larger commercial deployment, because it will be adapted to the whole of society and not only to its half.

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