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Audrey Perrin, CEO of SVP

Audrey Perrin, CEO of SVP (SVP)

It’s a brand whose name certainly has the effect of a Madeleine de Proust in everyone over 50. An inseparable brand from the game shows of yesteryear and the show Screen Folders. A mark that the host of the time invited us to compose to ask our questions: SVP 11 11.

SVP is a company that was created in 1935 on the initiative of the Minister of PTT, Georges Mandel. Initially, it was a question of providing an information service by telephone for Parisian individuals. You could ask all types of information to operators, and even rather fanciful questions, which moreover caused a lot of difficulties for the company, because it was very complex to answer, but it was above all very complex. to have the bills paid by individuals.

SVP arrived later in the 1960s and served as the standard. French television used the company’s equipment to allow viewers to interact with SVP 11 11 for One and SVP 22 22 for Channel 2.

As for SVP, since 1941, it has refocused on these missions to become an information and decision-support company by telephone intended mainly for business leaders. This idea continued, and in order to avoid the problem of unpaid debts, the service was now offered in the form of a subscription. After the war, the service therefore reoriented itself towards legal, regulatory and economic information for businesses. A common thread running through the company, this idea continues.

With the advent of the SVP web which continues to answer by telephone and also to develop portals, the service has mainly focused on cutting-edge expertise in areas ranging from regulatory tax law to information and communication. economic and strategic intelligence. We can ask all types of questions and in 80% of cases we get the answer in less than 24 hours, says Audrey Perrin, CEO of SVP.

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