Sunday , September 20 2020
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authorities monitor population with drones

In China, faced with the coronavirus epidemic, all means are good. Drones call to order people who do not wear a mask. “Comrade on a bicycle, when you are on the street, put on a mask. Don't make it difficult for your motherland “, launches a voice from a drone. All over China, these scenes are flooding social networks. “You are not serious, this is not the time to play cards, go home! “, launches another drone to a group of men.

Drones, police, the whole country is on the alert. At the entrance to the capital, Beijing, is a filter dam with a temperature record. Entrances to residences in major cities are regularly disinfected and some buildings are barricaded. In the countryside and the villages, the inhabitants protect themselves. The roads are blocked, the access blocked with the means at hand. The villagers do not want to take any risks in the face of the virus. They do not allow any stranger to enter. “Don't go out, stay away from people“, can we read on a banner.

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