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Baby Yoda, an interplanetary mascot

It is so roooouniououniou this Baby Yoda, alias “The Child”, character from the series “Mandalorian”, broadcast in spring 2020 on Disney +. Photomontage made from photos extracted from the Mandalorian series

It’s green, small, with big ears as expressive as the eyes and it’s been creating a buzz for the past few weeks, rarely seen on social media. “It”? It's Baby Yoda, a funny little character who appeared at the end of the first episode of the series The Mandalorian, which debuted in the United States on November 12, on Disney +. And since then, this little creature has become a planetary obsession. The Star Wars universe to which it belongs is known to trigger movements of worship, but we are still surprised to see so many serious adults, even grumpy (they will recognize each other), emit “Roooouniououniou” touched at the slightest video of Baby Yoda. Even those who don't care about Star Wars and the setbacks of the Solo family talk about that on social media. Children are clearly not the most affected.

Spontaneously unifying in a world where the slightest non-consensual statement is likely to trigger a scandal.

The “grown-ups” cling to this transitional object, the reassuring “mignonceté” (anti-Bescherelle neologism which commonly accompanies Baby Yoda) is an antidote to the anxiety-provoking climate in which this end of the decade is bathed. Faced with all the angry evils and words (climate crisis, racism, nationalism, Brexit, homophobia, feminicides, end-of-year celebrations, etc.), Baby Yoda has a calming effect. As he has no race identified in humans, no religion, no sexuality, no political opinion, he is spontaneously unifying in a world where the slightest non-consensual statement is likely to trigger a scandal. With him, we bathe in a gentle tranquility. Besides, we should stop calling him Baby Yoda because he is not the childish incarnation of master Yoda, even if the encyclopedia Wookieepedia (Wiki of the Star Wars fans) tells us that they belong to the same species. The official name of Baby Yoda is “The Child”, he is 50 years old (a baby in Yoda years), has white hair and brown eyes.

In photomontage in the arms of the pope

The series has not yet been released in France (broadcast scheduled from March 31, 2020), but the country is already affected. Baby Yoda-mania knows no borders: it is, in fact, a pure product of the Internet world, where everything becomes viral, universal in a few clicks. As soon as the first episode aired, the first fans of the beast shared their excitement on the networks. Very quickly a hashtag was created. At the time of writing, there have been more than 275,000 occurrences. Baby Yoda has become a subject of meme (a diverted image, to which we add a legend or a very personal interpretation) particularly inspiring. Here, it is used to express the desires of regression of each – for example with the legend “me at 4 years trying to convince my mother to buy chocolate”. There, he represents an ultracool miniadult who holds in his hands the new Air Dior basket, wears a Rick Owens coat, or makes jokes on watered evenings with this so innocent bent head. Yes, it's a “rouniouniou” moment.

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