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Björn Schülke, "Vision Machine # 4", 2014

Björn Schülke
"Vision Machine # 4", 2014
Wood, brass, steel, mirrors, camera, screen, motors, paint, sensor, magnetic switches, custom electronics
10 x 13 x 10 inches / 25.4 x 33 x 25.4 inches

Schülke's work is characterized by his living inner consciousness. Revealed through a complex cycle of communication and movement, each object has irrational traits or distinct emotional characteristics. The works from his recent Vision Machine series behave unexpectedly, evoking the artificial intelligence and modern aesthetics of a research station.

In "Vision Machine # 4", a camera arm is attached from the insect-shaped body of the sculpture. When the object searches for its immediate environment, an unpredictable exchange with the audience is triggered. Is it a clinical device that collects data? What's he evaluating? Is it an invader, perhaps on the way to a celestial body? Maybe a dental equipment that has an apparently flirtatious tendency? The video screen displays the images and comments doubled, which adds to the strangeness of his behavior.

The slow and deliberate movements of kinetic sculpture are perfectly balanced, taking into account the mass and weight of the form in space, while responding to the movements detected by the public. Deeply influenced by the Dadaist tradition and Jean Tinguely, the theme of an absurd machine reappears in the work of Schülke, rooted in modern tools of observation and precision.

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