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Bruno Crolot, general manager of Spotify, defends his “three billion playlists”

Bruno Crolot, managing director of Spotify. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

The music market is taking on new colors, driven by streaming. Last year, according to SNEP, sales increased 5.4%. This is the fourth consecutive year of increase, after the sharp drop in the early 2000s. Online listening is pulling the market. Today, one in ten French people pay to listen to music in streaming.

Spotify is the world leader in the sector. For Bruno Crolot, its managing director in France, this trend is a “excellent news for the entire industry “, even if the market has only returned to its level of 2010.

Labels and artists criticize platforms for favoring certain musical genres, such as rap, in their playlists, to the detriment of other styles. False, according to the general manager of Spotify:

There is no reason to criticize. There are three billion playlists on Spotify and the vast majority of them are user playlists (…). The vast majority of users listen to playlists they have made themselves.

Bruno Crolot

on franceinfo

According to Financial times, Spotify seeks to lower the remuneration of labels. Nothing more than a “business discussion “, according to Bruno Crolot who recalls that this discussion takes place at a global level.

But how much do labels and artists get, via streaming? “We donate around 70% of our income (…) to the beneficiaries. Afterwards, it's up to them to distribute it to their artists with whom they are on contract. But we are not in these discussions… “, answers Bruno Crolot.

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