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cap on connected home without box change

The connected speaker of Orange equipped with the Djingo voice assistant (JC / RF)

Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, answers questions from Jérôme Colombain.

What are you going to offer regarding connected homes?

Stéphane Richard : Thanks to a simple software update, our current Livebox (released in 2016, Ed), will be equipped with additional functions to control all kinds of connected objects for the home (Netatmo heating elements, Bosch camera, light bulbs Philips, etc …). We will also propose a security offer called “Protected House”.

The Djingo voice assistant, presented last year, should finally see the light of day …

Stéphane Richard Djingo will be released in March. We designed it with Deutsche Telekom to make it a real alternative to US voice assistants. Djingo will be available in the form of a speaker connected, 49 euros, and it will also be integrated into other equipment as our Cabasse sound bar or the remote control of the Livebox has a microphone.

Why have a partnership with Amazon for Djingo?

Stéphane Richard : Our connected speaker can answer the keyword as well “Djingo” at the trigger “Alexa”. However, the functions will be distinct and there will be no data sharing between the two services. Today, only Amazon and Google wizards are able to perform voice-based Web queries. Our partnership with Alexa is “give-and-take” because, in exchange, Amazon's speakers will also integrate the Djingo assistant in France and Germany.

To note : this interview is not the transcription of the audio interview but results from a direct exchange with the CEO of Orange.

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