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CDiscount, AlloCiné and Vanity Fair subject to complaint by NGO

These warning messages have become common since the entry into force of the European General Regulation on Privacy (RGPD) in 2018: on arrival on a site, it asks you if you accept cookies, small files used to store information, record data about you and your navigation. These serve in particular to display targeted advertisements.

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But according to the European NGO Noyb, three major French sites install these cookies on the computer of their visitors even when they refuse, in violation of the law. The association filed three complaints with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), Tuesday, December 10. Are concerned by separate complaints the site of sale CDiscount, the magazine Vanity Fair (Condé Nast group) and Allociné (Webedia group).

Facebook also targeted by the complaint

Using a cookie tracking tool developed by a researcher from the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automatic, the association found that even after refusing to install these cookies, “Hundreds of third-party companies were given permission to place cookies and other tracers. A few seconds after the user believes that he has rejected all cookies, it is already possible to notice that cookies for advertising purposes have been installed illegally. “

The complaints also target companies that use these cookies to display targeted advertising: Facebook, as well as the companies PubMatic and AppNexus, specializing in the distribution of “programmatic” advertising, auctioned to advertisers based on the profiles of targeted Internet users .

Solicited by The world, the three sites did not answer our questions at the time of posting this article.

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