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Clear ideas. Is my phone dangerous?

It has been almost 20 years that cell phones have entered our daily lives massively, but according to a large number of websites and television reports, the safety of the waves emitted by these phones is far from established.

“There are no proven health risks today, from cell phone waves”, assures René de Sèze, doctor and researcher at Ineris (National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks). Yet some still claim that our cell phones have an impact on our health. Our weekly program “Les Clear ideas “, produced by France Culture and franceinfo, tries to answer the various questions on the supposed harmfulness of mobiles.

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Because truth is slower than lying, because disinformation is more enticing than verified information, “Clear Ideas” unravels the true from the false. Each week, in a video and podcast, an expert and Nicolas Martin (producer of “The Scientific Method” on France Culture) bring order to a preconceived idea.

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