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Darrell Eyre

ClearUnited = Products with a purpose. ClearUnited products and technologies make the world a better place: innovative products for consumers, families and small businesses that focus on Internet security, healthcare, fitness, nutrition, renewable energy, cloud storage, smart devices, digital identity, etc.

Our Collective Mission = ClearUnited offers people the opportunity to succeed by simply sharing the product that they use with people they love. Tens of thousands of families and individuals now compete directly with big tech companies – and win! When customers buy ClearUnited products every month, the profits from these sales go directly to families rather than to larger companies. Most ClearUnited customers simply want to get great products and pay their bills, which is fine for us. We believe in a world where we all work together, united as one, to see the change we have all hoped for. United, we can.

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ClearPhone = The smartphone is your most used and most personal technology. But now you know that big online platforms trade your privacy and your freedom against advertising dollars every time you search, shop or browse. And in the back of your head, you know that inappropriate content for kids is always around the corner, just a few clicks away from your kids. David Redekop shares his opinion on how a new type of private network can change everything we know about smartphones.

ClearEnergy = peace of mind: Feel the independence that comes from knowing that your home or office will continue to operate in the event of a power outage. Keep your family safe and connected. Take control of your energy consumption and your costs. An intelligent and secure design keeps everything powered. Power-as-a-Service: A new model for bringing independent decentralized public services to the market. Conserves resources. Save money. Pay for yourself. A fixed monthly fee … Offer based on a subscription … Full coverage of the guarantee … On site installation … No immediate purchase … Managed remotely … Peace of mind for your family. Monitor ClearPOWER
with the application ClearEnergy: The application ClearEnergy (coming soon) for iOS or Android gives you an overview of the overall energy consumption of your home or office and the capacity of your battery. help available. Monitor the state of your home or office wherever you are and gain peace of mind knowing that your electricity will remain active even in the event of a power failure.

$ 3,699.00
As low as $ 115 / month

$ 8,999
As low as $ 288 / month

$ 10,399
As low as $ 416 / month

$ 12,479
As low as $ 544 / month

ClearHealth = New Science for Better Health! ClearHealth uses revolutionary dynamic sensing technology to painlessly scan your entire body and reveal clues to your body's health and nutrition needs. Professional Wellness Coaches: With ClearHealth, you have access to a whole team of professional wellness coaches. Your team can combine ClearSCAN and ClearDNA data to better understand your specific needs, and help you at every step of your personalized journey towards better health. ClearHealth was created for all of us! Our advanced technology and our desire to help all humans are at the heart of our global plan. ClearSCAN = Using our ClearSCAN dynamic detection technology, ClearHealth's professional wellness coaches can securely obtain information about your individualized health needs. Scan = We begin with a thorough and non-invasive body scan to help your team of coaches determine your unique wellness needs. Measure = Your coaches use artificial intelligence to analyze the thousands of data points in your analysis to determine a customized plan to your measurement. Tracking = As part of your journey towards better health, we will periodically repeat the digitization process to track and monitor progress over time. Improve = Your coaching team will provide help and feedback along the way to ensure that your wellness goals are met at each stage of your program. Token: ClearPOWER can help you pay for yourself by generating digital tokens through the consumption of energy. This creates a new store of value that can be shared or exchanged with other ClearEnergy Community members to offset the costs.

Lessons of life:
-Avoid negative people
-Know that you are your only competitor
-Go after what you want
-Failure is a start / / / /
think / /

Darrell Eyre

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