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Conversations on chaos / fito_segrera / 2015

Conversations_on_chaos is a project that deepens the idea of ​​order as the emergence of chaos. He uses chaos theory and elements of dynamic systems study and experimentation to create a system where two machines hold a chaotic conversation about chaos. The installation is composed of two random oscillating electromagnetic pendulums or ROEMPs (a modification of the ROMP – instruments used to study chaos theory and dynamic systems in experimental scientific configurations) and a computer running a custom software implementing the algorithm of Markov's Chains in order to activate the machine. with a human as a language processing tool.

The installation functions as an infinite loop, each cycle containing two main moments: the chaotic dynamics, when the pendulums work and speak via binary I / Os, and the data processing and the operation of the speech synthesis engine, when the previously generated chaos becomes the voice of a human being as a conversation between the entities. After each cycle, the idea of ​​previously generated chaos becomes the new starting point from which emerges a new, more evolved concept of chaos. One way of thinking about this process is as a generator of thought that begins almost as a schizophrenic voice and evolves cycle by cycle into a rational artificial entity.

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