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Cutting the internet, the preferred solution for contested schemes

An internet outlet disconnected from the planet. Illustrative image. (MAXPPP)

Internet cut in Iran, or restricted, the authorities had adopted the same attitude a few weeks ago in November with the demonstrations which had taken place in the country. They have just started again in several provinces to stifle the calls to demonstrate that are popping up here and there. Internet cut in India and in particular in Kashmir to prevent the propagation of the demonstrations so that the population must relearn to live without the net. Impossible to pay your bills, impossible to reach administrations with your computer, impossible to communicate on social networks. Internet cut in Iraq to try to put an end to the protest which grew in the country. Internet cut a few months ago in Mauritania for the same reasons. It's simple, as soon as the discontent rises, it becomes one of the first reflexes of the authorities: to cut the internet and cut the population from the rest of the world.

Officially the sovereign internet aims to protect Russia. Technically, it is for the authorities to isolate the Russian internet from global servers and to protect themselves from a possible cyber attack. In summary, the data arriving from abroad are less numerous and controllable. But this sovereign internet is also a way to master the web, limit freedom of expression and take control of the information that circulates. Even if the Russian president explains the opposite by saying that the free internet does not contradict the sovereign internet.

The champions in all categories are the Chinese. We know that they control the pipes, that they censor the information but we suspect them to be also interested in the exchanges and the messages of the Net surfers. This is the whole debate of 5G with Huawei, or applications marketed by Chinese companies … and there, it is to spy on phones directly. This is the challenge for the decade to come. Will we know whether or not to preserve this unique tool which is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of man?

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