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Dance of the Dad, the (computer) virus that didn't exist

Example of a message evoking the fake Dance of the Dad computer virus. The world

“URGENT: Tell everyone on your list not to accept a video called DANCE OF THE DAD. It’s a virus that formats your cell phone. ” This message circulated widely in France on WhatsApp, by text or on social networks this Thursday, March 19.

But don't panic: it refers to a virus that does not exist. As confirmed by the antivirus editor Viruskeeper at Release, no virus having this functioning has been detected, either in France or abroad. Rather, it appears to be a variation on an old joke, which claimed that a video of the dancing Pope was used to spread a virus, as reported by the American verification site. Snopes in 2015.

However, it is important to remain vigilant during the Covid-19 pandemic: scammers take advantage of the situation to try to spread viruses or carry out computer attacks. You can find our advice on the subject in the link below.

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