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Democratic primary candidate Pete Buttigieg did not kill dogs in his youth

Create a fake news in a few clicks, user manual. While the Democratic primary is in full swing in the United States to nominate Donald Trump's opponent for the presidential election in November, it would have been surprising if intoxics did not get involved. And it is logically the candidate Pete Buttigieg, surprised by these beginnings of primary, which was first targeted.

So on Twitter, a surfer by the name of @ComradeCrow, is surprised at the beginning of February that no more is said about a story dating back to 1998. The story in question? A young teenager, by the name of Pete Buttigieg, was arrested and suspected of having killed no less than 5 dogs. The evidence attached to the tweet in question: an old press clipping recounting this macabre story and a black and white photo. from young Pete Buttigieg, looking a little disturbing.

Despite the thousands of retweets and likes, the story is false. It was indeed assembled from scratch thanks to a site: the “Newspaper Clipping Generator”, which allows in a few clicks to create, for free, a false press clipping. Just enter the name of a newspaper, the date of publication of the article, its title, and finally write the three or four small paragraphs that you want to appear in this fake created from scratch.

As is often the case with fake news, it didn't come completely from nowhere: in 2008, during the Republican primary, the son of candidate Mike Huckabee had already been accused of having killed a dog during a scout camp. And this time, it was true.

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