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Detox. No, Covid is not treatable with aspirin and lemon juice.

Covid is not pneumonia? A very viral text affirms it. Attributed to Professor Jacques Theron of the Caen University Hospital, he claims that autopsies in Italy have established that it is in fact a thrombosis, a clotting of the blood. And that consequently, the respirators and resuscitation units used since the beginning of the crisis would be useless, since anticoagulants would be enough to treat the disease. Better, aspirin and boiled lemon juice could cure the disease.

Contacted by Désintox, Professor Jacques Théron denied being the author of this text, which has been circulating for several weeks in many languages. What is true is that a study from autopsies in Italy has shown that one of the possible serious complications of the disease is the formation of small blood clots, especially in the pulmonary vessels, which hinder circulation of blood, hence thrombosis. This risk is sufficiently well known that anticoagulants have been prescribed in some Covid patients.

However, this does not allow us to assert that thrombosis is systematically involved in all Covid deaths, or that the use of anticoagulants has an effect on all severe patients. Pneumonia remains the most common complication of Covid-19. More importantly, contrary to what the Facebook post implies, these observations do not question the interest of respirators and intensive care units. Neither does it allow, alas, to say that the disease could be treated much more easily. And obviously not with aspirin and lemon juice.

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