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Detox. No, New York City does not crowd the Covid-19 dead

This is the story of a viral video: in the image, a man says he is in front of a New York hospital in Manhattan. He films a refrigerated truck and says, ” This is where they put the corpses ” The video cuts, and we find ourselves inside a building, where dozens of body bags are piled on the ground. Video totals 100,000 views on the Instagram account of the Dominican media that published it, before being picked up by French internet users.

Yet it is manipulated. New York City, overtaken by the new coronavirus, has parked refrigerated trucks used as morgues in front of various hospitals – and it is easy to find the one filmed by the videographer. But the second sequence, which shows dozens of body bags, comes from elsewhere.

First, before being published by the Dominican media, she appeared online, on the Twitter account of an Ecuadorian journalist, according to who it is a hospital in his country. Next, we discern a name on one of the body bags, which we find online on a death announcement. The incident was said to have taken place on March 29 in Guayaquil, Ecuador's second city, where the new coronavirus is taking its toll.
Last clue about the origin of the video: the female voice, in the background, which seems to evoke, in Spanish, the ” Hospital general del Norte ” It is the name of an Ecuadorian social security health facility in Guayaquil.

The latter finally confirmed that the video of the body bags had indeed been filmed in this establishment, by way of a press release.

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