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do you want more episodes? Generate a scenario with our “Starwarsotron”

New villains, noise of lasers * pfiouh pfiouh *, tortured heroes and heroines: this is the recipe for an episode of Star Wars successful. If you add the revenge of a Sith, the awakening of something, any attack or a complex character who “cultivates the dark side” of the Force or the tarot, then it is won! With this kind of obligatory scriptwriting passages, we could suspect certain films to recycle the functioning of the previous ones.

Wednesday December 18 releases episode IX of the saga, The Ascension of Skywalker, directed by J. J. Abrams. The latest from the third trilogy. But the vein is not yet exhausted: as early as 2017, Disney had announced the preparation of a new trilogy for 2022 directed by Rian Johnson, who had already signed that year The Last Jedi.

To help you imagine what awaits you, we have recycled ourselves the synopsis of the previous episodes – those which scroll in yellow on a starry background at the beginning of the film – with certain characters from the universe, lost stars or planets known only to the most sophisticated fans. Without forgetting a good dose of absurd hypotheses and andouillettes.

The Starwarsotron


This application randomly generates a scenario synopsis for episodes X, XI or XII of the Star Wars saga.

Click on the button to generate a scenario, select “simple” or “scrolling” to display the text as when opening the film.

Opening music composed by John Williams, © Disney.

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