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doctors make fun of their patients on Facebook

It was on a private Facebook group of more than 11,000 doctors that malicious comments were seen. The private group displays values ​​such as respect for patient confidentiality and medical confidentiality. However, according to an investigation by the weekly The Obs, some comments posted on this group do not respect medical confidentiality, including questionable jokes that scandalize patients. “When we see that these are health professionals who took the Hippocratic oath and must be kind to their patients, we can wonder about the human value of these people”, explains Gérard Raymond, member of the France Assos santé association.

Here are some examples : “The trimordiol pill in a 50-year-old woman who weighs 100 kg, we agree that it is a bit average”; “if she measures 1.50m, it is already contraception by itself”. Or : “When the breasts fall like that, I generally refuse to see him in consultation”. For a doctor, administrator of the group, these drifts are very minority. They were not reported to him.

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