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Does this video show the trailer for the next movie “Avatar”?

A video purporting to present the first images of “Avatar 2” was released on YouTube on November 30, 2019 and has been viewed over two million times. It is actually a montage of images from “Avatar” and other films.

Posted on November 30, 2019, a video called Avatar 2 – Official Trailer # 1 has been viewed more than 2.3 million times on YouTube. We find there Na'vi, the famous blue fictional characters of the first opus, released in 2009. The actor Vin Diesel also makes a remarkable appearance in this trailer, seeming to camp the villain of this episode, whose release is planned for 2021. Does this video show the trailer forAvatar 2 ? Absolutely not. The France False True cell explains why.

When watching the video, there are several moments that challenge you. At 45 seconds, the scene is of lower quality than the rest of the images in the video. At 53 seconds, the audio transition between two scenes is poorly performed. These details show that the video is actually an amateur montage that masquerades as an official trailer.

The YouTube channel sharing this video contains other fake trailers. During the last week, the John Wick, Fast and Furious and Wonder Woman licenses were falsified. However, in these three videos, the author specifies each time in the title or in the description that these are fake trailers. These were much less shared, with 66,000, 51,000 and 191,000 views respectively.

To make this montage, the author used images from the first film Avatar, but also extracts from other works. By taking a screenshot of the final scene of the fake trailer, the one where Vin Diesel is sitting on a sort of throne, and performing a reverse search on Google, we realize that it is extracted from the film Riddick, dating from 2013. This operation can be repeated for almost all the scenes in this fake trailer, in order to trace the origin of the images used.

On the left, a screenshot of the fake trailer for “Avatar 2”, released on November 30, 2019 and on the right, an excerpt from “Riddick”, posted on YouTube in 2015. (SCREEN CAPTURE YOUTUBE)

The author of this montage therefore used extracts from other films or trailers to compose the fake trailer ofAvatar 2. For the thumbnail, however, the person behind this video went elsewhere. We can see what looks like a baby Na'vi, suggesting that the characters in the first film may have had a child together.

New reverse search leads to an article list in several languages ​​mentioning the existence of “Babyclon” inspired by the film Avatar. These are silicone figurines that look like Na'vi babies.

The first link contains the fake trailer and the next two refer to the
The first link contains the fake trailer and the next two refer to the “Babyclon” whose image was used to make the thumbnail of the fake trailer. (GOOGLE SCREEN CAPTURE)

On YouTube, many fans invent the follow-up to their favorite film or saga through “Teaser Concept”. These fake trailers can be misleading, especially when their unofficial nature is not explicitly stated. In general, fan creations can lead to the spread of rumors. Already in 2017, a false poster announced a series Harry potter on Netflix.

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