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due to the coronavirus, binationals can no longer travel to their “other country”

For several months, the Israelis have been banned from traveling abroad so as not to risk bringing the virus with them when they return.

It is an ubiquitous situation: after the reconfinement instituted three weeks ago, the Israeli authorities have further tightened the regulations concerning the exit from the territory of binationals. They believe that the Israeli passport “trumps” the other passport and therefore binationals do not have the right to leave Israel, except for an emergency such as birth or death. The almost 150,000 Franco-Israelis are therefore prevented from going to France.

“I long for my family” in Hebrew, “reunite families” in English: behind these words and family photos on Facebook, dozens of binationals denounce this measure. Shanna Orlik, a resident of Tel Aviv, is at the initiative of this campaign with several friends: “It's a bit of despair, of dismay, it's not even anger.”

The French Embassy has received many calls from disappointed or angry Franco-Israelis but explains that the Israeli government's decision is “valid” and that France “cannot intervene”.

This need to understand why, as French people, we do not have the right to return to France has become obvious.Shanna Orlikto franceinfo

We do not know how long the measurement will last. Laureline, in her kibbutz on the Mediterranean coast, grew impatient and posted a photo on Facebook: “In the photo I am in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem with my sister, my grandparents, uncles and aunts. I haven't seen them since December 2018. My life is here, but just telling myself that I would like to it is not possible to go to France to see my family ”. Even if the situation were unblocked, some will hesitate to leave because any return to Israel is followed by two weeks of absolute quarantine.

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