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Eco decryption. Amazon forced by the courts to limit its activities

A warehouse and the Amazon logo. Illustrative photo. (AFP)

Justice blames Amazon does not sufficiently protect its employees from the Covid-19. It was the South Solidarity union, which brought the case to court. And justice has proved her right, she felt that the giant of e-commerce has obviously ignored the notices of inspection and occupational medicine. In other words, the Nanterre court accuses the American firm of having continued its activity as if nothing had happened, whereas last week five of its warehouses were pinned down by the Ministry of Labor. According to the unions, the workers are going to work the ball in the belly, with the fear of catching the virus. There are record absence rates.

Consequences: justice summons the platform to assess very precisely the risks to which its employees are exposed in the face of the epidemic and it must do everything to protect their health. And in the meantime, the court is asking Amazon to restrict its activities within 24 hours and for a month.

If the platform exceeds this restriction, it will have to pay one million euros per day of delay and per violation found. But, in reality, the heaviest sanction to which the giant of e-commerce is exposed, it is undoubtedly the dead loss that will ensue: according to the unions, the share of these “essential” products hardly concerns 10% of all deliveries that Amazon makes at this time. Admittedly, the brand had already reduced, since confinement, its catalog of articles, but the fact remains: orders for leisure, toys, computers, decoration, books, etc., will be temporarily suspended. The shortfall promises to be significant.

This appeal will not, however, suspend the court decision. In its defense, Amazon claims that it has put in place protective measures. The brand even believes that it goes further than the health measures recommended by the government. In the meantime, this decision is a real warning for companies that are not vigilant enough about the health of their teams. It’s a warning.

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