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European Commission does not rule out Huawei but “establishes clear rules” to respect

The European Commission has unveiled the rules to be observed for the deployment of 5G, in particular in terms of security.

Protectionism is not in the DNA of the European Union. In the wake of the United Kingdom, the EU is presenting its plan to protect the infrastructure of the future 5G. This ultra-fast mobile internet technology should revolutionize our practices, but the thousands of antennas needed that will have to be installed are all entry points for possible hacks or spies. To avoid this, the United States asked Westerners to ban the Chinese Huawei outright. A recommendation that Europe will therefore not follow. “The EU does not close or open the door to anyone”, explains Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner at the internal market.

The market therefore remains open. But to enter it will have to respect a strict specification. According to Thierry Breton, “The European Union has, for the first time, established extremely clear rules on what to do to eliminate the risks to the deployment of 5G infrastructure.”

This Commission defines rules, everyone is welcome, but everyone must respect them.Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Marketat franceinfo

For example, “remote” maintenance software for 5G antennas close to sensitive sites, such as an administration, a nuclear power plant or a military base, must be located in European centers. The Commission also wants to impose on telecommunications operators several suppliers so as not to be dependent on one.

It remains to be seen which suppliers will be chosen. “Some manufacturers may not be able to meet the specifications and cannot be selected. Others may meet them right away. And that's good, we have them in particular in Europe and who are among the best in the world.“says Thierry Breton without citing Huawei or even the Europeans Nokia and Ericsson.

Finally, Thierry Breton recalls that Europe is far from lagging behind in this area. A way of reminding that we could probably do without the Chinese in the future. Europe holds more than 50% of the world's patents in the 5G network and is already preparing, he says, for 6G.

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