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Everything is wrong in this “special report” on the miraculous investment of Xavier Niel

Do you dream of making a fortune? You will love this “Shortcut to wealth”, unveiled in a ” special file ” sign The world. In any case, this is what the Weeklycal site promises, which promotes this “Xavier Niel's investment” that would make it easy to make a fortune. Be careful, scam.

What the site says

It all comes from a questionable link, as can sometimes be seen in advertisements on websites. “France in mourning, the whole country is in shock”, we read in the message visible among other ads on the margins of the site (contacted, the latter did not react before publication of our article). The sponsored link is illustrated by a photo of Xaviel Niel, the director of Free (who is also a shareholder of World individually).

Screen capture of the message that appeared on “”.

Before clicking on this link, you might think you are dealing with alarming news, not to say fatal, on the founder of Free. A simple click on the article actually leads us to a page of a site called Weeklycal. The latter usurps the identity of the World by using its logo in the header and pretends to disclose in a special file “Xavier Niel's investment that the big banks are trying to hide”.

Screen capture of the Weeklyal site, which usurps the identity of the
Screen capture of the Weeklyal site, which usurps the identity of the “World” and invents statements by Xavier Niel to promise a “shortcut to wealth”.

According to this article, the billionaire would have revealed in an interview on the program “Daily” a tip to make a fortune easily:

“What made me successful was taking advantage of new opportunities quickly and without hesitation. And now the main money is the new cryptocurrency program called Bitcoin Evolution. In my whole life, this is the greatest opportunity I have ever seen to make a small fortune quickly. I invite everyone to find out before the banks lobby to ban it. “

According to the site, Yann Barthès was stunned when “Xavier Niel took out his phone to show viewers how much he was earning thanks to this new remunerative program already well known in the world of finance.”


In reality, almost everything is wrong in this publication. First, it misuses the logo and the name of the World. In reality, there is nothing to identify the people behind the Weeklycal site, since the site has no presentation or contact page and no information on its creator is visible.

Furthermore, the supposed words of Xavier Niel in “Daily” reproduced in the article are purely fictitious. The billionaire’s last appearance on the show dates back to December 2018, when the last Free box was presented. At no time did the manager mention it “Bitcoin Evolution”, tips for making a fortune, or even taking out your cell phone.

Other signs of deception: the alleged messages supposed to attest to the quality of the investments by “Bitcoin Evolution” use photographs found elsewhere on the Internet. The portrait of “Thierry Michel”, presented as a Lyonnais who would have realized “9,200 euros in profit after only one month of use”, has in fact been used for years on other English or Russian websites, in particular to promote products that would increase sexual performance tenfold.

Likewise, messages that appear to be comments from Facebook users at the bottom of the page have never actually been published on the social network.

All these dubious processes call for the greatest caution with regard to Bitcoin Evolution. Under the guise of promising a miraculous investment, the site very quickly asks its readers to entrust it with money, by an online transfer. The only certainty in this story is that the sums transmitted will be effectively debited, without any guarantee of profits, or even of being able to recover them on arrival.

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