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Germany issues arrest warrant for Russian hacker

A session of the German Parliament, April 22. HANNIBAL HANSCHKE / REUTERS

Germany has issued an international arrest warrant against a 29-year-old Russian citizen suspected of being the main perpetrator of a major hack that hit the German parliament in 2015. At the time, assailants had managed to infiltrate and collect data from several Bundestag computers. Investigators like the government then favored the track of Russian pirates.

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Five years later, it is in Russia that the investigators think they have found the main culprit of this attack, reveals the Suddeutsche Zeitung. The prosecutor responsible for the file has indicted a man, Dimitri Sergeyevich Badin, suspected by Berlin of being an agent of the unit specializing in computer attacks by the Russian military intelligence services. The man is already wanted by the United States' FBI for his alleged involvement in the hacking of the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2016, and in the hacking of Democratic Party data in the United States the same year.

In the area of ​​cyberattacks, American doctrine plans to systematically investigate, and publicly name, hackers identified as hackers, even if it is certain that they will never be extradited. The United States has issued arrest warrants against several suspected members of the Russian and Chinese intelligence services in the past two years. However, this is the first time that Germany has used this type of procedure, which also and above all amounts to public condemnation.

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