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“God of War” crowned Best Game of the Year at the Game Awards, the “Oscars” of the video game

The story of Kratos, a fallen god and a hesitant father, touched the netizens, who made it their game of the year. Sony

Surprise: the monumental Red Dead Redemption II is not the game of the year. This is at least the opinion of Internet users who voted in advance of the Game Awards, a ceremony that took place in the United States on the night of Thursday 6 to Friday 7 December. Rather than the very mediatic Rockstar game, the American ceremony dedicated God of War, solid (and very beautiful) action game released in April. He also receives awards for Best Director and Best Adventure Game.

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that Red Dead Redemption II He won, but still won four awards: Best Narration, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Design and Best Actor Performance for Roger Clark, who played the taciturn Arthur Morgan. Fortnite, released in 2017 but more phenomenal than ever (it exceeded last month the cap of 200 million players), was unsurprisingly awarded the prize for the best multiplayer game and “best continuous game”, rewarding those benefiting from updates over the long term. Other “blockbusters” have also been rewarded, such as Monster Hunter World (best role play), Dragon Ball FighterZ (best fighting game), Forza Horizon 4 (best sports game) and Overwatch (best e-sports game).

More modest games

But the public was not afraid to put forward also more modest games. The prize of the independent game of the year of course, but also that of the “impact” (rewarding the game having marked by its social or political message) were thus given to Celestial, a delicate game evoking the theme of depression while offering a grip on the Super Mario. Return of the Obra Dinn, an ingenious and experimental title developed by one man, the American Lucas Pope, wins him the prize of the best artistic direction, facing mastodons like Red Dead Redemption II, God of War or Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Otherwise, pell-mell, The Messenger received the prize for the best first game, Into the Breach that of the best strategy game and Overcooked 2 the price of the best family game. Florence was dedicated best mobile game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission best game in virtual reality and Combat 2018 best student game. Finally, cocorico: Dead Cells, developed by the Bordeaux studio Motion Twin, received the prize of the action game of the year.

Some announcements

This award ceremony, supported by the video game industry, is not just a celebration of the video game: it is also a showcase for publisher ads, who take the opportunity to announce their plans for the months to come up. So, between two awards, Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry New Dawn, a new episode of his series of shooting games, this time located in a post-apocalyptic world.

Obsidian, for his part, showed his next role play. Designed by two of the main creators of the series fallout, The Outer Worlds will unfold visibly in a sci-fi world borrowed retro elements evoking Jules Verne.

Finally, if you only had to remember a third trailer (and too bad for Mortal Kombat 11, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3, or the new game of the creators of Bastion, Hades), that would be the very poetic one of The Last Campfire, the new game of creators of No Man's Sky.

Especially, Epic Games, the studio responsible for Fortnite, took the opportunity to launch its Epic Games Store, an online store to compete for its monopoly at Steam. If a dozen PC games only (including two free) are currently available, the store should open to other games and other media in the course of the year 2019.

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