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Google “is not skewed”, says CEO Sundar Pichai before his congressional hearing

This is one of the last big bosses of companies in Silicon Valley not to have visited US officials: the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, will speak Tuesday, December 11 before the Congress of United States, Washington.

Google is regularly criticized by part of the American political class, including President Donald Trump, who likes to denounce, without proof, the “Bias” large groups of the Web and the censorship of conservative opinions. But he is also frequently put in the hot seat about the security of personal data or his domination of the search engine market on the Internet.

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Google “is not politically biased”

In remarks that the official must make Tuesday at a hearing in Congress and forwarded in advance, Mr. Pichai defends the impartiality of its services, saying that the US search engine was not “Politically biased”. This neutrality in the research results, defends Mr. Pichai, is one of the “Commercial interests” of the company. “Our company provides platforms to relay diverse perspectives and opinions”, he says as well.

Without giving details, the boss of Google also ensures that his group is in favor of a federal law on the confidentiality of data of Internet users and says that “Protecting the privacy and security of our users has long been an essential part of our mission”. Mr. Pichai also insists on the importance for the group of privacy and computer security, Google is, according to him, determined to work with the US government “To keep the country safe”. This statement comes at a time when the company acknowledged Monday that a flaw had exposed the personal data of several tens of millions of users of its Google+ social network.

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In September, Mr. Pichai refused to participate in a hearing in the Senate on the issue of foreign influence operations. On Tuesday, he will respond to the House of Representatives Committee, where US parliamentarians will question him on “Collection, use and filtering practices” data from its users.

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