Friday , September 25 2020


"You have left the ground and the sky crying, the spirit and the soul full of sorrow.No one can take your place, whether in existence or in the absence." – Rumi

"GRIEF: ARTIFICIAL" is a fictional visual poem describing the five stages of mourning experienced by an imaginary artificial super-intelligence called RUMI (Reactive, Omnipresent and Monolithic Intelligence). Each step is a brief eulogy, generated by RUMI as a chart that is both a pledge of affection and a response to loss. Inspired by software design philosophies, RUMI attacks agony by reconstructing emotions and justifying losses using the five principles of abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance and closure, which together form RUMI's perception of reality. "GRIEF: ARTIFICIAL" is a nonlinear narrative of the process of mourning and adaptation of RUMI. His goal is to explore the byproducts of artificial intelligence, to question the nature of artificial emotions and to examine how feelings manifest themselves in the digital environment in digital domains.

Designed and executed by Hirad Sab
Field recordings by Søren Hybel
Mastered by Mahdyar Aghajani

Made with Blender 2.77 PBR Branch 0.4
Real-time rendering

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