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H.A.I. / Artificial intelligence hip

Artificial intelligence of the hip or H.A.I. In short, the last and last choice you will have to make! H.A.I. also comes in two different colors.

Technical specifications of H.A.I .:
Speed: 3x 10,000,000 choices / msec
Battery: Standalone
I / O: 4x Firewire 10k, USB 2.0

Can manage households, businesses or planets

Wanting to have a little fun, I have therefore combined several ideas: ideas on which I like to think and talk (robots, artificial intelligence and … toothbrushes, apparently) and ideas on which I am Likes to work (conceive with a pictorial effect). The process itself was fairly simple, but still fun: I created, modeled, animated and made the robot in Blackmagic Fusion. Then I imported the images rendered in Photoshop and realized the really awesome part … I smudged the frame by hand … each one of them. Plus, in Photoshop, I added hand drawn animations. What started as a fun exercise ended with a well-learned lesson. I would love to go back and revisit this style one day. With you, maybe?

Oh, I did it myself this time. I just wanted to play a bit with Video Copilot's Motion Pulse and see what I can muster.
It's quite cool, since Motion Pulse is full of strange and terrifying sounds that perfectly set the tone for short films.

Short film by Matic Grgic

H.A.I. was created, animated and rendered in Blackmagic Fusion. Stained in Adobe Photoshop.
The sound was made with Motion Pulse from VIdeo Copilot.

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