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has a young woman sold naked photos of her on Twitter to finance the fight against the disaster?

Kaylen Ward, an American who calls herself a sex worker, says she raised $ 1 million to help Australia in exchange for nude photos sent to Twitter. Contacted by the “Guardian”, the young woman claims to have been overwhelmed by her initiative.

While 8 million hectares have been burned by the fires that continue to ravage Australia, celebrities and anonymous people are organizing to help this country. In France, several Australian associations, such as Wires or Science for Wildlife, help support wild animal rescuers. A kitty was also launched on Facebook to help firefighters in New South Wales. Actor Chris Hemsworth, who lives in Byron Bay in eastern Australia, donated $ 1 million.

But it was a curious initiative born in California that particularly caught the attention of internet users of franceinfo. On January 4, an American by the name of Kaylen Ward working for the pornographic platform OnlyFans published an astonishing message on Twitter*.

Kaylen Ward's original tweet (TWITTER SCREENSHOT)

“I will send photos [de moi] naked to anyone who donates at least $ 10 to one of these firefighting fundraisers in Australia “, writes the young woman of 20, who lives in Los Angeles. She explains that she will send a photo in a private message for each payment of 10 dollars – without specifying whether they are American or Australian dollars -, by requesting that a donation confirmation be sent to him. On the list attached to his tweet* And probably taken from another publication *, we thus find firefighting organizations (mainly volunteers), the Australian Red Cross or even environmental associations.

Very quickly, interested messages flowed. Kaylen Ward claims to have received, in less than a day, proof of donations totaling more than $ 10,000. Donations of 10, 20 or even 5,000 dollars*. A success such as the American is now nicknamed “The naked philanthropist” (the naked philanthropist). According to the Daily Mail *, 20,000 messages were sent to him in 24 hours, as illustrated by a video posted on his Twitter account and displaying hundreds of unread messages.

Reactions on Twitter are mixed: if the process is not approved by everyone, the donations raised arouse admiration. A surfer even launched a petition to propose the candidacy of Kaylen Ward to the Nobel Peace Prize *. As the young woman claims at Guardian *, however, this process is nothing extraordinary because this is how she earns her living. “I already use my Twitter account to make money by selling nude photos … I have a loyal fan base that buys content and that's how I pay my bills.”

In total, the American, who says that she herself gave $ 1,000, claims to have allowed the payment ofone million dollars* For Australia, this estimate cannot be verified. She entrusts to Guardian * to have been overwhelmed by his proposal and the continuous influx of requests. She finally decided to end it, three days after her first message: “Just to be clear, I will not send any more photos to anyone. It is not possible. In any case, you can be happy to have given.”

Far from stopping there, the initiative was quickly taken up by other sex workers named Jenna Lee, Emmy Elliott or Aphrodite Aeria, citing Kaylen Ward. Jaylene Cook, including model for Playboy, meanwhile, decided to use a crowdfunding platform * to collect donations in exchange for a photo album and access to its photographic archives.

Publicity or excessive altruism? Kaylen Ward rose from 20,000 followers on Twitter to almost 320,000 in three days, according to data from the Social Blade site *. Faced with accusations of self-promotion, the young American defended herself: “I raised a million dollars for Australia at the price of my naked body exposed on the internet in front of millions and millions of people, says she in a tweet* dated January 7. It's scary to be so vulnerable and exposed to everyone's eyes. But I did it because I wanted to do something good. ” However, she claims to be a victim of bullying* since the publication of his first message and having had to break contact* with his family.

And despite the funds raised for Australia, Facebook deleted its Instagram account for violating community standards on sexual solicitation, which notably prohibit offering photos, videos or images of naked people. It thus lost the 50,000 users who had followed it so far. As the magazine exposes Rolling Stone *, several crowdfunding platforms and even charitable organizations have shown their hostility towards sex workers in recent years: in 2015, one of these platforms, for example, closed the collection of donations from a sex worker wishing to finance medical treatment.

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