Monday , October 19 2020
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Have you ever been a victim of racism on a dating app? Testify

For those who experience it, racism can have an impact on schooling, work or access to housing. But if its effect on these different facets of the life of the people concerned is increasingly addressed, the question of the intimate sphere, including romantic relationships, whether ephemeral or not, is much less.

However, on some dating applications, it is not uncommon for racialized users to receive racist private messages or cross profiles that specify not wanting to get in touch with people of this or that origin.

Have you already been confronted with this situation? Did you come across profiles that did not want to meet you because of your skin color? You have received insulting messages, clichés or taking you back to your origins? Was it repeated? Has this changed your relationship to dating apps? How did you protect yourself from this phenomenon?

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