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How internet pedophile hunters brought a man to justice

He thought he had made a date with a very young 12-year-old girl, but behind the teenager's profile was actually a collective of pedophile hunters, the Team Moore. The trap has closed on a 54-year-old Franc-Comtois who was arrested in Haute-Saône and indicted.

They describe themselves as ordinary citizens, fathers, mothers, who have made it their mission to track down and denounce pedophiles on the internet. Created a year and a half ago in France, the Team Moore is inspired by Anglo-Saxon whistleblowers. By pretending to be young girls on social networks, these vigilantes of the net have managed to unmask 25 sexual predators in less than 2 years in France and Canada.

Obeying very strict ethical rules (which exclude in particular any form of incitement), the Team Moore assembles files, screenshots in support before sending them to justice. In the case of the individual arrested in Haute-Saône, the investigation carried out by the prosecutor confirmed the charges. But the magistrate warns: beware of settling scores. If helping justice is commendable, playing vigilante is on the other hand prohibited.

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