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how to clean up your past on the internet?

Exchange photos and videos of your privacy on the internet: the gesture may seem harmless, but it is not without danger. In a call center, an association helps victims of cyber-harassment. That day, it was a young woman of 18 years old. The teenager said she was threatened by a man she knew on the internet. He has a picture of her in her underwear, and he claims he's blackmailing her.

The association, which is in direct contact with the sites, receives up to 20,000 calls per year. “The contents can be removed thanks to our intervention in a few hours. The shorter the photo will be on the internet, the more it can avoid harming the person”, explains Samuel Comblez, psychologist and member of the E-childhood association. Intimate contents, holidays, photos of evenings on the web, how to manage your e-reputation? On the internet, the French are more or less vigilant. On the web, private companies offer to clean up your past to better manage your digital identity. The services cost on average between a few hundred and a few thousand euros.

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