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Huawei discretely markets its Mate 30 Pro private many Android applications

Since Monday, December 9, French consumers can afford the latest flagship of Huawei smartphones: the Mate 30 Pro, marketed in China since late September but long delayed in Europe. This mobile is sold exclusively by the French website of Huawei, at a price of 1,100 euros – with however significant discounts and accessories offered.

What probably forgive the main problem of Mate 30 Pro, and is the consequence of the sanctions against the Chinese manufacturer pronounced by the US administration in late August. The central Android software of the Mate 30 Pro is indeed a version without integrated Google: the store of applications Play Store was not found, as well as the Google applications or services usually present (Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Search …).

As a substitute, the manufacturer offers its own App Store, the Appgallery. But it is very badly stocked: we do not find most of the popular applications available on Android at the moment, like Whatsapp or Spotify. According to the specialized website Digital, ” among the 20 most downloaded apps on the Play Store, only Amazon Shopping is offered “.

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A problem difficult to circumvent

During their tests of the Mate 30 Pro, several journalists managed to partially bypass this problem with more or less complex methods – and not necessarily secure. The Frandroid website highlights that one can try to install Android applications one by one, by downloading their installation files. They are however rather difficult to find, according 01net.

You can also use an alternative application store like Aptoide. But the specialized site Clubic explains that“You can never be sure what you install with Aptoide” is an official version of the desired application, which raises security issues. All, moreover, do not work: on a list of 35 popular applications not found on the Huawei Appgallery, the site Frandroid has managed to make it work fully than twenty from Aptoide on the Mate 30 Pro.

To engage in such installations is not only complex: it is also dangerous

And if a lot can be unlocked by independently installing Google Mobile Services (GMS – the set of Google software needed to run Google services and applications on Android), it will not be enough to make them all work, reports the site Phonandroid. In addition, this maneuver is problematic: the Google Mobile Services, whose presence on the Mate 30 Pro is officially banned, but that several journalists have managed to install, came from an unidentified source, probably Chinese, judging by the ideograms of its installation menus.

Delivering to such installations, which circumvent the usual mechanisms of certification of applications, and relying on Google-branded software but of obscure origin, is not only complex: it is also dangerous, compared to conventional methods of download applications from a store like the Play Store. Not to mention that such methods may not always be available. Clubic notes that a first method of circumvention proposed by the Chinese site has disappeared in recent weeks.

An excellent smartphone by the way

Faced with this situation that does not fully utilize all the most popular Android applications, most journalists who have tested the Mate 30 Pro do not recommend its purchase. And even if, Huawei promises, in case of lifting US sanctions, the Google application store would become downloadable “overnight”.

Yet, when you put the apps aside, the Mate 30 Pro gets rave reviews. Its facial recognition system seems particularly fast and safe, and it works in the dark, like that of Apple, according to the detailed Bulgarian specialist site GSMarena. A refinement that almost all Android smartphones, including those from Samsung, lack today.

The curvature of the screen edges is spectacular on the Mate 30 Pro: when you look in the face, you can barely see its left and right margins. HUAWEI

The first tests of the Mate 30 Pro, however, are not only positive. According to several journalists, including those of Clubic and Frandroid, its particularly curved screen edges are beautiful to look at, but not particularly practical. In addition, the photos of the Mate 30 Pro are among the best, but they do not seem to dig a gap with the best gifted smartphone in the field, contrary to what the speech Huawei could give hope.

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