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Hustle and bustle for traditional television

The jurors of “The Voice” 2020. The TF1 broadcast is experiencing some wear and tear. In 2019, its audience share decreased by 0.7 points to 19.5%. THOMAS BRAUT / The Voice © 2020 Licensed by

Dad's TV loses ground every year when it comes to video on demand. In 2019, the average viewer spent three hours and forty minutes every day in front of its traditional channels, six minutes less than in 2018, according to figures from Médiamétrie of December 30, 2019. At the same time, Netflix became the fifth French channel , alongside France 5, according to the study by the National Center for Cinema and the Animated Image (CNC) last month.

In this troubled world, TF1, whose programs, like “The Voice”, are experiencing some wear and tear, saw its audience share decrease by 0.7 point to 19.5%. The front page prefers to focus on its successes, such as its new tele-hook, “Mask Singer”. With a decline of “Only” 0.2 audience point in 2019, M6 resisted thanks to “Beijing Express” or “Top Chef”. Declines which made the business of the public service: France 2 gains 0.4 point to 13.9% of audience, France 3 limits the breakage with a quasi-stability.

It is in this context that traditional channels are approaching a complicated 2020 year. First, the audiovisual law has again lagged behind. Due to pension reform, the text, which was to be discussed in February, should not arrive in parliament until early April.

“Targeted” advertising

Meanwhile, private channels continue to scrap to make their voices heard. Several decrees concerning the relaxation of television advertising have been put to consultation, but they were not satisfied with it. Thus, the authorization to go on the air of cinema advertising is subject to a condition: when a spot will be broadcast by an American major, the chain will have to find an advertiser for a French and / or art and essay film . Audiovisual groups continue to denounce this opening ” trompe l'oeil “.

The third advertising cut will only be authorized for films longer than two hours. “This will allow better exposure of long films, which are not widely broadcast on private channels. Recipes will be very limited “, says the National Union of Television Advertising (SNPTV). In the end, these developments should only bring in between 20 and 30 million euros in new revenue, according to Publicis.

More interesting, the chains will be able to make, as in the United States or in Great Britain, advertising 'Targeted', depending on where the viewer lives or their characteristics. A device that could generate between 120 and 220 million euros in revenue per year over the next five years, according to the firm Oliver Wyman. “Channels and operators will share revenue and access to data”, do we moderate at TF1. “The measures taken do not yet meet the funding challenges faced by the chains enough to remain competitive and ambitious in the face of new players”, concludes the front page.

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